Ingenious Individuals

Disrupt Education
Peter Hostrawser and I posed in front of OPRFHS incubator classroom.

Thank you for looking to tune into the second installment of Ingenious Individuals here on Pariah Muse!!! This week, Peter Hostrawser, head of the business department at OPRFHS, proprietor of Disrupt Education, and amazing business mind joined me in conversation, and it is one of the most insightful interviews to date.

Pete discusses his trials, tribulations, and successes as an educator, and his passion when it comes down to genuine learning, instead of traditional classroom settings.

Such a stimulating and perspicacious interview- not one to miss! Enjoy the podcast here:

Peter Hostrawser- Ingenious Individuals

Yours truly, the Pariah, had the absolute pleasure and honor of interviewing Larry McGhee for my very first Ingenious Individuals installment. Larry McGhee, a brilliantly creative mind and talent, tells us about some of his newer work as a photographer, model, and mentor, challenges he faces with vulnerability, and what his art, (and so may others’ art), means to him.

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to Larry for supporting Pariah Muse through and through as well. Thank you for being a mentor to me, Larry. You are appreciated.


Larry M. Images- Ingenious Individuals








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